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Payments Culture is a newsletter on the topic of payments and fintech.

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The goal of this blog is to explore key topics in payments, and sometimes wider fintech. There will be on average two post per calendar month. Providing analysis, commentary and insight on topics of interest.

Payments Culture Consulting

As well as being a newsletter, Payments Culture also provides strategy, consulting and advisory services for payments and fintech organisations. We work with organisations of all sizes on a global basis, to offer a wide range of services. Some work we have recently completed include:

  • Running an RFI and RFP process for a new payment solution.

  • Working with a client to take a new payment product to market.

  • Market planning and analysis (short and long-term).

  • Helping a payments start up with their strategy and investor deck.

  • Keynote presentations on industry trends.

Please contact me via the email address below to discuss this further.

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Disclaimer: Everything on these pages are my own thoughts and opinions. This blog is not reflective of the views, or strategy, of any organisation I am, or have been employed by, or consulted for. Payments Culture Limited, trading as Payments Culture, is a registered company in the UK.

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